What to carry to a yoga class


nike dual-sided yoga mat

For students new to yoga, often there are questions about what clothing, equipment or extras they should carry to the class. There are not a lot of items needed for a yoga class, but there are some essential items that should be carried to have an enjoyable experience.

  • One item you absolutely must have is a yoga mat. We recommend the Nike dual-sided yoga mat. It is much safer to use a yoga mat than a blanket or towel as they are prone to slipping and might cause injury.
  • Loose clothing such as a loose t-shirt and a yoga workout pant would work best when doing yoga. Keep in mind that there is a lot of stretching involved in yoga and loose fitting clothing will provide all the flexibility and movement. We would like to recommend the ladies Bella yoga pants as a choice for yoga workout pant.
  • When doing the different poses, you are likely to sweat. So keep a hand towel to wipe your face and keep your hands dry.
  • Bring a bottle of water to the class. Most yoga classes last for at least one hour so it is better to be prepared with a bottle of water. Additionally, there are certain poses and sequences, which may be more vigorous than others, thus dehydrating you.
  • Yoga is best done barefoot. However, do carry a pair of socks. At the end of the class, during cool down, you might get chilly.
  • A sweatshirt or zip-up will be handy during the cool down and meditation phase and as you head out of the class.

Enjoy doing the stretches with these essentials.

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  1. Karela Says:

    I find that t- shirts that are too loose go up over my head in down dog! Men should not wear shorts that are too loose for privacy in cat/cow (and other) poses.

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