Light up your paths with Yards & Beyond solar lights


Yards & Beyond solar lights

One of the major alternative sources of energy, which also has the largest potential, is solar energy. Petroleum and oil will soon run out in couple of decades but solar energy will remain for years to come. The only problem with solar energy is that ways to efficiently utilize it are still in research. Only small scale usage of solar energy like solar lights and heaters are domestically used these days.

Outdoor solar lights are used by a lot of people in their pathways and they do save costs in their energy bills. Among the solar lights available for your paths the ones from Yards & Beyond happen to be one of the most used ones. The Yards & Beyond solar lights for pathways are quite efficient and durable. These are two qualities which are quite essential for outdoor lighting: durable, corrosion-resistant powder coated surfaces which will ensure that they do not wear off because of bad weather and strong stainless steel poles, which are resistant to corrosion as well.

Installation of this solar pathway light is quite straightforward as it does not require any wiring. This reduces your cost that you would incur in laying wires to light in addition to the energy costs if you chose regular lights. One of the key features of this solar pathway light would be the fact that it automatically lights on when it gets dark. The LED which uses the solar energy has a natural white light which should keep your pathways bright during the night. The ribbed glass lens will ensure that no water would get in. They weigh about 8.3 pounds and have the dimensions of 2 x 9 x 9 which makes it quite simple to move around.


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