4 items to keep you warm in the snow


boys ski boots, reusch ski glovesPlaying in the snow is one of the most fun things about winter. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, sledding, building a snowman, building a snow fort, or having a snowball fight, winter doesn’t last forever so you need to enjoy it while you can. Unfortunately, getting wet and cold from playing in the snow is not nearly as fun. Luckily I have found the best gear to keep you extra warm and dry during these cold winter months!Ski Boots:  If you need boys ski boots, check out Full Tilt Booter Juniors. It’s the first 3-piece design for kids and the soft flex makes it very comfortable. For adults, the Ferrari Ski Boot can’t be beat. Leather lining and aluminum buckles coupled with the Ferrari name give this boot unparalleled prestige and power.

Jackets: If you truly want to stay warm, get a jacket with down insulation. However those can get a little bulky, so if you want a sleeker look, grab a jacket that has synthetic insulation. It will still keep you warm (not as much as down, but still warm) with less bulk.

Gloves: Keeping everything else warm means nothing if your hands are freezing! A good pair of gloves need to be ultra warm and water proof as your hands will probably be touching the snow more than any other part of you. I recommend Reusch Ski Gloves. If they are good enough for the U.S. Ski Team, then they are certainly good enough for you.

Snow Pants:  If you live in a really cold area (below 20 degrees), then you want a  cheaper nylon lined pant that is less waterproof. because it is so cold, the snow is not going to melt and won’t seep through. However if it’s regularly above 20 degrees, then you want a water proof product like Gore-tex.



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