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Imagination is the beginning of creation. What you imagine, you can create and can bring a new ray of hope where most options seems exhausted. The featured bloggers this week teach us exactly this. Read on this week’s collection of blogs to see what exactly I mean and feel inspired.

Childmade blogCHILDMADE Tutorials

“My site is a collection of tutorials for original child-based crafts, primarily, with a few adult crafts thrown in. There are some great ideas for Christmas ornaments, gifts for friends and family, and inexpensive decor. The instructions are fully illustrated for ease of use. Additionally, my home page is a perpetual link party with a collection of over 10,000 links for other web-based tutorials of all types, with a personal gallery option for tracking your own favorites.” Sheri for CHILDMADE Tutorials.

WildLife Watercolour and Graphite Art blog

Wildlife Watercolor and Graphite Art

“I am is an entirely self taught artist specializing in watercolor painting and graphite pencil art. Passion, technique and understanding of the correct color palette creates the wonderful three dimensional qualities found within every painting, showcasing the beauty of each animal or landscape. Watercolor as a medium (for painting) has a great strength yet subtle vulnerability that allows the delicacy of life to be portrayed.” – Julia for Wildlife Watercolor and Graphic Art.

Tempting Tangles Blog

Tempting Tangles Blog

“My blog offers a peek into my upcoming cross stitch designs as they go through the process of being stitched for models to being charted for patterns which will make their way to needlework shops across the world.  From a designer’s viewpoint, my blog shows the excitement and challenge of creating such designs, the happy and not so happy mistakes, the adventure of finding just the right color combinations. Of course, the final post on each design always reflects the delight when a stitched design is complete and the chart is ready for distribution. I try to keep my designs fresh, with a contemporary twist to inspire the stitcher as they create tomorrow’s heirlooms for themselves. I enjoy the every comment from my readers, including questions and suggestions.  Quite often, these posts become springboards for new design ideas!” – Deb for Tempting Tangles Blog.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau – “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Spend some time during this holiday season trying out something new to see if it works for you. As for me, I am planning to try a cross stitch design on my round tablecloth to see if it works for me.

For more of specific blog types that you would like to see on Best of the Web, do leave us a comment and let us know.

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