Best of the Web no. 44


Another week and another edition of our hugely popular weekly series, Best of the Web! We kick off this week with a great blog about self sustainable living and from there we cover everything from crafting to running and beyond. We know you’ll enjoy these fantastic blogs, so without further ado – have at it!





Dyke’s Edge Allotment

 a dream life outside the confines of the 9-5

dykes edge

“Dyke’s Edge Allotment, is a little garden sized plot which rests beside a dyke on a quaint allotment site somewhere in the sunny seaside town of Blackpool, England. Dyke’s Edge Blog is the personal diary of a rather enthusiastic young man who freely self-portrays his recently discovered joys in allotmenteering, ‘growing his own’ and the many other trivial things that come with owning a plot. Craig’s blog makes a refreshing read and his journey not only takes us through his life on the plot, but through all four seasons of the year. Like the weather, no day on the allotment is the same and each day comes with it’s own surprises. We hope through visiting Dyke’s Edge allotment diary you will draw upon some of Craig’s enthusiasm and inspiration for growing your own and live the ‘Good Life’ yourself.”

Dabblings, Art by Marcia Becket

make something soulful

Dabblings art by Marcia Becket

“Hi!  I am an elementary art teacher residing in Madison, WI.  My blog is a joyful mixture of art journal pages, collages, mixed media art and watercolor doodlings.  I have a loose and spirited style.  Through my artwork and blog I hope to inspire you to pick up some markers, paints or glue and make something soulful.”

Tot Hill Farm Stitches

from stitching to Bangor

tot hill farm

“Tot Hill Farm Stitches blog helps me share my daily adventures and to document my stitching journey. I am an avid cross stitcher who loves samplers, stitching reproduction pieces and learning about the girls who stitched them and the women who taught them. Along the way I also share day to day things such as new recipes I am trying, travels I may go on and the latest antics of my cats. Who knows what I will talk about next?? Dinosaurland? Bangor, ME or Indian Pudding? Whatever it is I try to have some fun along the way.”

Simply Pam 

crafting projects for every occasion

simply pam

“My blog, Simply Pam, is a place where you can visit to be inspired in paper crafting, especially card making.  I love creating projects that cover almost every holiday, birthdays, sympathy, weddings and baby events.  I also love creating videos when making my projects so others can see how to do it and that anyone can do it.  I’ve been on a few design teams and have also started up a challenge blog with another crafting friend that allows other crafters to participate and share their projects.  Crafting helps me relax and I’m just happy to share my creations and to make all the friends I have so far.”

Serious Case of the Runs

random musings on the run

serious case of the runs

“I figured the best way for me to cope with my habit was to start a blog about it.  My name is Paige and I have a Serious Case of the Runs…and I’m not afraid to write about it!  I enjoying running long distances, and really enjoy the people I meet and the places I get to see along the way.  Nothing but race reports, training prose, photography (though quite unprofessional!) and random musings that come to me on the run.  Living with a Serious Case of the Runs…and loving it!”

The Middle Miles 

commentary on running

the middle miles

“Gear reviews, tips, experiences, and other commentary on running from a former Division runner. I’m an athlete and current physical therapy student.”

Phew! That was a whole lot of great stuff. You deserve some great stuff for your own life and home as well. Check out daily deals on seventeen bedding and everything under the sun, brought to you by Become!

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