Make your home more energy efficient with blackout curtains


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We are always looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Use of solar lights, energy efficient appliances, etc. are just a few ways. You can now save more energy with the help of furnishings too, like the blackout curtains pair.

These curtains have been especially designed to reduce noise and conserve energy. They block out 99% light and help to keep noise at bay so that you can sleep better. Instead of getting expensive noise-proof glass or heavy double paned windows, these are a more feasible and practical option.

They available in colors like beige, maroon, black and many others to suit your home décor. Different sizes can be customized or purchased to suit your bedroom, living room or office needs. These curtains help you drastically reduce cooling and heating costs, even while providing optimal curtain coverage.

southwest curtain drapesYou can also check out some southwest curtains drapes alternatives like Yosemite tailored curtain pair. Available in 82 x 84 sizes these curtains add that much needed flair to your bedroom. The stunning polyester comforter drapes come in strong geometric designs. Check out the sunburst jacquard pattern with deep shades of clay brown, red earth, desert sunset, tan, and copper clay.

The reverse color of the curtain matches the front. Filled with polyester, these curtains help retain the indoor temperature of the room and thus help conserve energy. Just make sure that you dry clean them only and enjoy the many benefits of these energy saving curtains.

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