3 Christmas decorating schemes for the bedroom


Burgundy bedding comforter set, purple comforters


Do you love traditional colors? Without a doubt red, green, silver and gold have always been people’s favorite Christmas colors. However, there are many other interesting color schemes that one can pick out to create a wonderful Christmas themed bedroom. 

First, find out what specific shade you want your room to be as this will make your other decorating decisions a lot easier. Pick colors that have an equal intensity and depth so that they will go well together. For instance, if you opt for a pastel color, other pastels like butter yellow, mint green, baby blue, peach, and lilac will blend well. Consider the jewel tones like hunter green, deep red or navy blue and how they could look in your bedroom.

purple comforters If a classic look is more your style then go for a mixture of jewel or pastel tones with ivory, white or crystal. I have decided to go with a burgundy bedding comforter set with gold accessories. Why not try purple comforters with metallic tones like brass, pewter, gold, silver or iron?

3 wonderful color schemes that you can experiment with for your bedroom:

  • Modern look: Bright Purple, Blue, and Green
  • Classic look:  Autumn Tones of  Golden Yellow, Beige, Brown, and Rust
  • Contemporary look: Forest Green, Burgundy and Gold

Jazz up your bedroom and home in an inviting and elegant manner to make Christmas the most special holiday ever. Find the perfect color scheme that has sentimental value to make your home and Christmas tree look lovely as can be.

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