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Baby doll toys make the perfect gift for the little girls to enjoy. There are plentiful of them on the market these days. Little girls like to play the role of a mommy and sometimes even the little boys like to join in and participate to take care of a toy baby. These days’ baby dolls can do some real wonderful things like real babies. They can cry, talk and even try to walk! Your kids can pretend playing a guardian while actually changing the doll’s wet diaper, feed them a bottle of milk (and the dolls can actually drink them up!), they can feed the dolls and so on.

In fact choosing the right one is nothing less than a challenge for the parents. They have to see that the doll they are buying is durable, has no small parts that might cause the choking hazard and is not so heavy on pocket as well. There are plenty of brands of dolls today for you to choose for your little girl to play.

Baby Alive doll has been around for quite a while now but still seems to be a hot favorite of many young children. This doll comes with tee shirt, diapers, rattle, bottle, sippy cup, medicine spoon, thermometer, 4 bandage stickers, stethoscope and a blanket. This doll drinks and wets amazingly and your child is sure to enjoy taking care of her toy with this set of accessories.

Little Katherine is another very beautiful blonde doll that has blue eyes. Little girls 18 months or older can enjoy this doll, as by then they would be in the early stages of being taught about all the grooming awareness like brushing their teeth and hair styling. This Lee Middleton doll is pretty with silk hair, floral print cotton top and pink leggings over a diaper.

These days there are also collectible dolls that look like real babies. If you are one of those persons who believe in collecting dolls and fine art, then you must visit Ashtondrake galleries baby doll. These dolls have been made lifelike and even the texture of their skin resembles a real baby! These are indeed fine pieces of art and people actually mistake them for the real babies.

The market is full of wonderful dolls whether you want it for your child or for your own sake. Just step into the market and get ready to get fascinated!

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