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Le Tour De France indoor cycling bike , cycle exerciser

During these cold winter months it does get a little difficult to go out for a morning jog or run. This is where exercising at home becomes a very good option. A cycle exerciser is one of the best ways to get that cardio out of the way.

Exercise bikes may not be as much fun as jogging outside but they do have a lot of advantages. Exercise bikes are easy on the knees, ankles, joints and back. They are very safe and do a good job in strengthening and toning your leg muscles. There are basically two types of cycle exercisers. One is the recumbent exercise bike and the other one is an upright exercise bike. The recumbent exercise bike has pedals in the front of the bike rather than on the sides. The recumbent exercise bike has a wide seat with a back rest and the handle bars are on each side.  There is a back rest so you are in more of a reclining position. It is perfect for people with back problems thanks to the comfortable position. Then again with this bike most people do believe you get a less intense workout.

An upright cycle exerciser is exactly like traditional bicycles apart from the fact that they are stationary. Due to its design it allows a lot more movement. With this kind of exercise bike you can cycle in race positions or even stand up like you were riding a regular bicycle. This bike gives you a more intense work out. This exercise bike is not very good for people with back problems. The Le Tour De France indoor cycling bike happens to be one of the best upright exercise bikes you will find. This bike has some really good features for shaping and exercising your leg muscles. This exercise bike comes built in with the iFit Live Technology which is Powered by Google Maps. There are 24 pre-mapped courses you can chose to ride through or you could create your own course. This will give you the same workout you would would have if you actually ride a bicycle in those areas. The 20% incline and decline function based on the roads gives you a realistic feeling that you are actually riding a bike.

So get yourself an exercise bike and keep yourself in good physical shape.

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