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strontium 90

The main function of calcium in our body is, as a structural component of bone. The human body requires the mineral calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Other functions include its need in blood coagulation, muscle contraction, myocardial function, and normal neuromuscular irritation. Calcium is a mineral naturally found in foods. So much of our daily requirement for calcium can be met with the foods we eat. Dairy products, calcium fortified cereals, breads, fruit juices and soy products are all high in calcium that breaks down and absorbs well into the body. So are beans, broccoli, oranges and bananas as well as salmon and sardines. Equally important are how well our bodies break the calcium down and how much is actually absorbed into our bones for use.

If your diet is not rich in calcium content foods then you will need to take a daily calcium supplement and raise your body’s levels to match the needed amount. Two popular supplements are strontium 90 and plus pharma calcium 500. Take them with Vitamin D and Magnesium to make sure that they’re absorbed into the body properly. You should supplement your Vitamin D either by eating foods that contain it, such as oily fish or egg yolks, or by taking a supplement. Your bones only keep building until you are in your very early twenties, and then all you can do is maintain them. So do the best you can.

Strengthening the bones with exercise is also an important part in keeping your bones strong and preventing osteoporosis. Exercises such as walking, swimming, biking, padding are good but anything that gets you up and moving is a step in the right direction. You can also add strength training to your regime for added benefit and a complete physical workout.


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