How to marry contemporary and country


expandable dining table,white leather dining chair

Are you confused about the kind of furniture you should have in the house? You may like having a contemporary theme but nothing beats country style furniture! Why not go for a mixed style? Let’s check out how you can mix contemporary and country styles to give your house a truly unique look.

Combining these two styles can be a very creative way of decoration. Here are some tips which can help you perfect this mixed theme:

  • Kitchen – You can combine country style slate flooring and exposed ceiling beams in the kitchen with contemporary style stainless steel appliances. Along with this, plastic laminated cabinets, glass shelves and glass countertops can give the kitchen a mixed look. Use bold contemporary colors along with earthy tones to give your kitchen a nice contrast.
  • Dining room - Country style wooden floors and furniture along with contemporary materials like leather and suede create a good contrast. You can place an expandable dining table in the middle of the room with some white leather dining chairs around it.
  • Bedroom – You can use bed heads of wrought iron and rusted metals along with natural fabrics on the bed such as cotton, linen and wool. Use colors like desert greens, red, yellow, orange and turquoise along with earthy tones in the room décor. You can use white or cream colored bed sheets and pillows with patterns like stripes, checkers or flowers.

A mixed style depicts your personal sense of style. You can be creative in trying different furniture combinations. So get going and create a unique and comfortable home environment with all these tips right now!




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