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personalized family throw blanket, cartoon family coffee mugThe holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to come up with some fabulous gift ideas. Finding gifts for so many different people can be tough, so I’m here to help with some suggestions. One popular gift idea is to take a common item and emblazon it with your family’s name. Nothing is more important than family, and nothing says that you care more than giving someone an item that will remind them of their family every day.

Personalized Family Tree Blanket: Most people have a family tree, but it’s usually stashed in a file folder, or at best on a website. But with a personalized family tree blanket, your loved ones can be reminded of their loved ones everyday!

Cartoon Family Coffee Mug: If you have a coffee drinker in your life, then give them something to look forward to every morning with a cartoon version of the family! Each family member’s characteristics are captured in a whimsical drawing, along with a personal message. You can even add the beloved family pet!

Photo Album: Chances are the older members of your family already have a photo album or two. A couple of ideas include a personalized photo album, or collect and copy photos from all the family and make a super-sized photo album!

Family Vacation: If you seem to be lacking some photos for that album, then take a family vacation and make some new ones! The kids on Mickey’s lap in Disneyland, Grandma trying to surf in Hawaii, Mom and Dad at the top of the Statue Of Liberty: literally the entire world is at your disposal!




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