Electronic family picture frames for the holidays


family picture frames, Epson Picturemate pm260

It’s that time of the year when families get together and take lots of family photos. Usually these photographs are printed and then put up on classic wooden picture frames. Well things have changed with regards to putting up pictures thanks to electronic picture frames.

Electronic or digital family picture frames are slowly starting to gain popularity thanks to the convenience and features they offer. With the help of an electronic family picture frame you don’t need to print the picture you’ve taken. All you need to do is transfer the picture from your camera on to the electronic or digital photo frame. This way you save on buying a high quality ink cartridge like the Epson Picturemate pm260, which is quite expensive. So basically not only do you save up on costs but you also do your part in reducing paper consumption.

A good choice for electronic digital photo frames is the Sony A710 digital photo frame. This photo frame has a diagonal length of about 7 inches which should be just about perfect to put up on a wall. You can put this digital photo frame in both portrait or landscape modes and the photograph will automatically adjust thanks to the built in accelerometer. This digital photo frame has about 128 MB of digital storage. That means you can store about 40 to 60 high quality photographs. One of the really good features with this electronic photo frame is the fact that there is a slide show option. This way you can play a continuous loop of your favorite photographs.

Since you can store quite a few photographs you can organize them in folders. This way you could access your photos quite easily. The Sony A710 also comes with a remote control. This remote lets you select slideshow modes and control other photo frame functions without having to go get up. So move along with technology and get yourself an electronic family picture frame this holiday season!

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