Decorating trick to try: Mix old with new


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When we decide to decorate or remodel our home we choose either a completely antique or modern style. Many people decorate their houses in specific styles such as French Country, Mid-Century Modern, French Colonial, Spanish Colonial etc. Mixing different looks can create a wonderfully unique style of your own!

Mixing different styles can add loads of excitement to your house. You can mix some modern items with antiques to give your house a completely new look. It is important to keep the balance when it comes to colors, shapes, textures and style. Here are some tips on how mixing styles can keep a house fresh and balanced:

  • Decorate your living room with a rustic dining table with modern aluminum chairs around it. This creates a fabulous contrast.
  • Place a piece of modern art a room with antiques. This creates a nice mixed look.
  • Place some antique lamps on your modern sofa table. On the other hand, you can put some modern lamp shades on an antique sofa table.
  • Decorate the modern fireplace of your house with an antique piece. It can be placed on the mantle. Along with this, a wooden fireplace bench can add to the mixed look.
  • Hang a modern chandelier in a room which is completely rustic. This can create a unique style statement.

It’s important to be careful when choosing the types of products to use for this look. Choose useful and durable things instead of just filling the house up with items you cannot use properly. Mixing the old and new can be interesting. So get ready for a house with new looks and a little excitement in every corner!


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