The perfect addition to your party: Compact refrigerators


GE compact refrigerator, beer refrigerator


Gone are the days when you need to walk a mile to get your drink from the kitchen. Now you can have a compact or mini fridge right there in your bedroom. You can also buy a compact refrigerator to keep near your sofa, desk or bar.

Enjoy the “convenience” factor

I use a GE compact refrigerator and it has proved to be a blessing for me during my parties. It is easy for storing snacks and cold drinks because of its easy access. This makes it a frequently used appliance in offices, hotel rooms and studio apartments.

beer refrigeratorsWhile the use of the mini fridge is most common for parties, there are numerous other uses as well. My neighbor is a camping enthusiast and finds compact beer refrigerators to be the best companion under the sweltering heat.

Explore the many varieties

The availability of so many different sizes makes it an easy option for buyers. Whether you opt for the Sanyo, Haler or Decker, chances are that they would require electricity and an AC outlet to operate.

Portable mini fridges are all the rage too. The Koolatron portable fridge is a perfect companion for long rides, picnics and sporting events. It is handier than an ice chest and there is no stress about the ice melting.

While looks and appeal are important facets, don’t forget to check the insulation and quality of the seal when buying a compact fridge. Consider looking for a slot for large bottles of water or soda if you intend to store them. Take measurements and consider using it as an under the counter refrigerator.

Plan well so you can get the perfect compact refrigerator!

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