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Its Christmas weekend! That means festivities, holiday music and of course festive decor! Like most people you’re probably wishing you had a bit more time to run out and decorate your house. In fact everyone knows you’re not fully festive until your house can be seen from space. Not everyone has the time nor the luxury however to invest several hundred thousand in Christmas lights. One thing you can do though is get the most amazing Christmas stockings of all time. Pocketchange is here with some fantastic recommendations for Christmas stockings that all of your neighbors are sure to be jealous of. Read on for the goods!

The Legend of the Stocking

christmas stockingThough there are many conflicting narratives as to the origin of this classic Christmas icon, one stands out above the rest. The story goes that a poor old fisherman had fantastic suitors ready for his daughters, but was too poor to pay the dowry and worried about what would happened to them after his death. Saint Nick passed through the town and heard of the fisherman’s plight. The old saint wanted to help but knew that the proud fisherman would sure not accept charity. He snuck into the old man’s home through the chimney with a bag of gold coins, looking for a suitable place to drop them off. When he saw the stockings of the fisherman’s daughter hanging to dry above the fireplace he knew he had found the perfect spot.

Today we celebrate this story with the time honored tradition of leaving small gifts in the stocking for our children and friends. These handsome stockings from Medici are absolutely gorgeous and are sure to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. The little details and sequins that lovingly adorn these stockings are absolutely second to none and are definitely a standout from the typical stocking fare.

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