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Are you planning on gifting perfumes this season? Good idea because it is party season and most people love fragrances unless forbidden due to allergies or other things. Here are some tips on how to pick perfumes based on their reviews:

Understanding different perfumes

When you talk about a “refreshing” perfume, it’s because of the fresh feeling you associate it with. Bergamot that is present in perfumes is seen as a ‘citrusy’ scent. Citrus scents that come from orange, lemon and grapefruit are generally classified under ‘refreshing’ fragrances. Dominant or top notes of citrus are usually called ‘fresh”. Giovanni perfumes, body wash and hydrating lotion have white tea scents that are seen as soothing and cleansing as white tea is said to moisturize the skin.

Floral ingredients in perfumes

Your favorite fragrance could be a floral one with top notes of rose or gardenia because you like the ingredients. Even when it’s a bouquet of floral scents with rose, gardenias and magnolias, the dominant notes of roses have appealed to you. Lucky You by Lucky perfume is an appealing blend of star jasmine, red grapefruit and crushed green leaves. It’s seen as a feminine, elegant fragrance that’s both fruity and floral. Lucky Charms by Givenchy is another blend with rose, apple, peach, peony, iris, mandarin and vanilla.

Three layers in perfumes

Perfumes generally have three layers. When you spray on a perfume, the top notes are first released followed sedately by the heart or middle notes. What finally settle down on you are the base notes. You may have noticed that after a few hours, the perfume smells different than it did earlier. Spicy and musky scents generally form the base for most perfumes after which other blends are introduced.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an evening or day perfume, mature or youthful. It depends on how you respond to each fragrance and it suits you.

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