Huffy princess bike for your daughter


Huffy princess bike

I firmly believe that kids should be encouraged to adapt green and eco-friendly habits from an early age. I always tell my children to use skateboards, bicycles or even walking instead of taking the car. Though my daughter was a bit reluctant to learn how to bike, a cute and adorable Huffy princess bike changed her mind.

Available in girly hues like pink, this bike is a perfect environment friendly gift for your daughter. This brand has been known for their innovative and high quality bicycle products. The sturdy steel y-frame has a cute curvy shape.

It also features rear coaster brakes for added safety, trendy graphic seat, handlebar Pad w streamers and training wheels to help her learn biking fast. Apart from its eco-friendly benefits, it gives me an opportunity to spend some quality time with her. As she learned biking, we also bonded girl to girl, giggling over silly talks.

And the best part is that biking is a cool way to keep both her and me fit. All that running after the bike sure helped me lose a few pounds!

Skechers bikers adorable

I also got her some attractive gear to match her princess bike like safety pink helmet and Skechers bikers adorable. Comfortable shoes are also vital to biking or else it can cause blisters and discomfort due to friction.

So, if you have a little princess then encourages her to adapt green biking habits. Motivate her by going for biking trips together and make this a weekly or fortnightly ordeal. Not only will you serve a good environmental cause, it will also help you catch up with your girly self again.

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