How to make laundry day easier on yourself


mesh laundry bag, Calvin Klein panties


Of all the mundane and routine chores at home, laundry might be the most detested. Doing laundry involves washing, folding and arranging the clothes followed by soiling them all over again and get started with the routine once again. Just the thought of it makes me feel bored!

The Mesh laundry bag is a blessing. It might be a simple item but has made the world of laundry way simpler. Apart from using it for transporting and holding laundry, I personally find these bags easy to carry whether they are full or empty.

The breathable fabric makes mesh laundry bags prevent your fine hosiery, delicates and small wash items from getting snagged. Reduction of washer repair bills is an “add-on” advantage.

Just imagine if your favorite pair of Calvin Klein panties or Victoria Secret lingerie was to get snagged in the laundry! My favorite and most well fitting Triumph bra once got sucked in by the force and disappeared out rightly, never to be seen again!

Explore the interesting uses

The purpose of a mesh laundry bag expands itself to other purposes of the house too. My mom uses them to store unused bedding under a cabinet or bed. You can use them effectively to store your child’s toys too. Did you consider putting your garden veggies in these mesh bags too?

Mesh bags come for a steal and are easily available. Well below $10, they would be the perfect option to protect your delicates and small clothing and save washer repair bills! Bag it and save!

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