Make Kwanzaa Unity Cup at home using mimosa glass


Mimosa glass, Red designer trays

I would like to wish a very Merry Kwanzaa to all our dear readers who observe and celebrate this occasion. For those who are unsure of what this occasion is all about, it is a week-long celebration honoring the African-American heritage. The tradition includes activities such as lighting seven candles, followed by a feast and gift giving. It is a beautiful tradition of respecting the African-American culture and their ancestors.

An integral part of this celebration is the traditional Kwanzaa Unity Cup that is usually in three colors namely black, green and red. Each of these colors has important significance attached to it. The color black represents the color of the African race; the color green signifies hope and future for the land of Africa and red is for the struggle of their ancestors. You can make the Unity Cup at home by making it a craft project for the kids and also thereby explaining the importance of the occasion. All the items you need are readily available at home.

You can start by using the mimosa glass as the base for the Unity Cup. Given that it is the holidays, you will get the mimosa glass for amazing discounts and deals online. You will also need black tissue paper, green tissue paper and red tissue paper to incorporate them in the Unity Cup. Take some glue and coat the black tissue paper and the outer surface of the mimosa glass with glue by spreading and pasting the paper neatly on the glass. The next step is to fold the red and the green tissue paper into quarters and cut them in the shape of human figures that will fit well on the mimosa glass. You can paste the red and green figures alternately on the glass.

Thus with a few easy steps one can create a beautiful Unity Cup that is a fun and an informative project for the kids and grown-ups. Finally, you can place and serve drinks on red designer trays that fit in very well with the Unity cup.



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  1. maria jose Says:

    Wow! wonderful idea of utilizing mimosa in making unity cup. This article mention all the instructions on making this unity cup.I really like to make unity cup using mimosa glass at home. I really like this article.

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