Three bedroom chests you should check out


mirror chest 3520

We live in a time where compactness is one of the most vital criteria for judging quality. Bedroom chests are a perfect solution for storing necessities or even random clutter in your room. From clothes, jewelry, toys or blankets, one can fit everything into a bedroom chest leaving the rest of the room neat.

I have a mirror chest 3520 which is has a unique blend of compactness, optimal storage space and fashion. It is a great substitute to shabby cupboards or bulky cabinets that make the room look like a dingy apartment of the late 70’s.

There are varying sizes you can choose from. Analyze the space and need for the chest. I would suggest conceptualizing the type of chest that you might want to purchase as well.

Three of the best bedroom chests that you might want to consider are:

  1. Drawer by Drawer Chest: An ideal piece for any type of bedroom. Varying finishes and colors are available to match personal décor and tastes. The look of the drawers can be accentuated with contemporary pulls. Ever thought of ceramic drawer pulls to finish the look?
  2. Dresser Style: Beautiful drawer profiles and framed panels with delicate detailing uplift the style of the room. Consider a warm brown finish in combination with dry edge brushing for a fine infusion of traditional and contemporary flair.
  3. Chest with drawers and door design: A uniquely styled bedroom chest with a combination of doors and drawers can add to the atmosphere of your room’s décor. Jazz up the chest with snazzy metal handles.

Simple and accessible shelving storage, top quality metal hinges, and additional storage are some of the extra features that you could add to your bedroom chest.

Choose from the wide range of styles, architecture and color for a refreshing look for your bedroom!

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