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Do you hate leaving the house with a busted manicure, but those trips to the salon are just getting too expensive? It has become easier to make designs on you own nails now. It’s really fun because you get to be creative and experiment with your own nails. Let’s find out how you can create different designs on your nails with nail polish pens.

Nail polish pens help you save a lot of money. With these pens you can paint your nails creatively at home. This means you don’t have to visit an expensive salon to get the perfect looking nails for different occasions. These pens help you create unique looks which last just as long as salon designs. Some great ways to make your nails look stunning are:

  • Apply two different colors on your nails. Create some abstract patterns, get the lines right and you are ready with a perfect nail design.
  • Draw some natural designs on the nails like flowers, ladybugs or stars. These designs are simple to draw and great to look at.
  • Draw white swirls on two fingers and the thumb with royal blue as base color. You can make royal blue swirls on the rest of the fingers with a white base.

The best thing about these pens is that you can be detailed. You can create small or even minute designs on your nails with these pens. You can quickly dry the designs up with a gel UV light nail dryer. Using a nail dryer will ensure that your manicure doesn’t get ruined and that it dries properly. So, reward yourself with great looking nails and get all the attention at everywhere you go.

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