Everything you need to feed and attract birds in your backyard


nectar dry mix, bird seed guard

If your favorite hobby is bird watching, why not watch them all the time, right at home? With a bird feeder, you can have birds flocking into your backyard and you can watch them all year round. Read on to find out what you need for this:

Bird feeders

Identify a good spot in your garden or backyard. Look for a spot that you can watch from your kitchen or living room window or someplace where you spend a lot of time. And remember, there will be a lot of mess from bird droppings, so the spot should be in a place that’s easy to clean. The feeder should be conveniently placed near a door or window so you can fill it and should be out of reach to squirrels. Separate feeders with different seeds will attract a variety of birds.

Birds that come to your feeder

The species of birds that are attracted by your feeder depends on the kind of seeds you offer. A nectar dry mix attracts a large number of birds of different species. All birds are fond of sunflower seeds but some have specific preferences. You can choose a particular species to your feeder with the seeds you offer. Some like millet, some like peanuts, black oil sunflower and safflower attract white-throat ed sparrows and doves and cardinals.

nectar dry mix Bird seed guard

When the birds are feeding from the feeder, they kick out or drop a lot of seeds. A lot of seeds end up on the ground and get contaminated with droppings and attracts rodents. A bird seed guard helps keep the seeds inside feeders or cages. Mesh guards have a nice fit that helps control mess and come in various designs. Or you can get guards that can be customized to your requirements.

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