Cozy romantic bedroom


romantic table lamps, queen quilt bedspread

Surprise your partner this season and let your creativity soar with a romantic bedroom. You can do this without major structural changes to the room and make it look exciting and cozy. Here are some easy tips that I’ve put together for you:

Romantic table lamps

Don’t lose sight of the fact that a bedroom has to be soothing and relaxing above all else. Mood lighting can create an atmosphere of romance and passion.

  • Discreet and romantic table lamps on side tables or lights fixed above the bed can give a romantic aura. The lights should be low and muted. Deep colored lamps like red or purple work to make a room look exciting.
  • Candles placed all around or grouped together look warm and inviting. A real fireplace evokes the senses to get you into a romantic mood.
  • Make the most out of window solutions to control the amount of light during day time. Drawing curtains across windows or letting in a sliver or moonlight creates an atmosphere of intimacy in the evenings.

Queen quilt bedspread romantic table lamps

  • A queen quilt bedspread in warm colors helps create a feeling of comfort and security. Soft, satin-covered cushions or throw pillows in gold or bronze give a plush look. Semi transparent curtains can also add to the atmosphere.
  • Using fabrics like velvet and fur or animal prints for the bedding can add to the look. Make the bed the focal point and remember not to use gaudy colors.

Place potpourri in little bowls and play soft music in the background. A love seat placed by the window and a mirror that reflects the soft lights can transform the room into a truly romantic place.

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