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During the holidays a lot of us are buying things for ourselves, our family and our home. There are plenty of deals and discounts that are going on which are hard to pass up. Throughout the holidays we celebrate with close family and friends, enjoy wonderful meals and catch up on various things. Our get together revolves around eating amazing home cooked meals and that is when excellent quality and durable dinnerware comes in handy. If handled well, investing in a good brand is worthwhile as it will last for a very long time.

A Stoneware dinner set is perfect if you are looking for something resilient and long-lasting. They are made of clay that has been exposed to very high temperatures. These sets have the ability to keep the food warm for a long time, as they are able to retain heat. They are also easy to clean and use for everyday use. The dinner sets are scratch resistant due to the way they are made. They can also be used in microwaves which is a very useful feature appreciated in a lot of households.

You can use the stoneware dinner set to either freeze food or heat it in the oven. It is in fact 350 degrees safe dinnerware. The only thing to remember is to give the dinner set some time to warm up after removing it from the freezer and before placing it in the oven. The sudden change in temperature might cause the stoneware dinner set to break due to thermal shock. You can easily stack the plate one on top of the other with no worries of scratching or chipping them too.

I am more inclined towards the Sango and Corelle brands for their contemporary designs.  Stoneware dinner sets tend to look elegant when they are plain or decorated.  A stoneware dinner set is perfect for everyday use as well as holiday parties.

So what dinnerware sets do you use for everyday use and holiday parties?

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