What to drink with a White Zinfandel this holiday


White Zinfandel, glass stemware


If you want something light and refreshing to drink, then White Zinfandel it is! This smooth, yet crisp wine is a relatively new discovery to the world of wine. The fruity nature of this blush wine makes it a favorite for people across the world.

Are you confused about what to serve your White Zinfandel with this holiday season?

  • Fish: Whether it is a lemon pepper haddock or poached swordfish it would pair up excellently with a light fish dish. The lightness of the fish blends with the fruity base of the wine.
  • Pork: This holiday season prepare ham, bacon, pancetta or pork in a smoked or barbecued fashion and serve it with this sweet wine! You will be thrilled at your guest’s enjoyment.
  • Pasta: A creamy white sauce goes very well with White Zinfandels. Consider adding chile flavored chicken or roasted red pepper to enhance the cooling properties of the wine.
  • Dessert: A mild crumbled or flaked cheese, a light spinach salad with juicy strawberries or a crisp summer cocktail would be a rather refreshing saga.

In fact I would call it the “perfect bond wine” that connects average wine drinkers and connoisseurs.

Ask any wine enthusiast and they would ask you to serve your wine in the correct glass stemware. Undoubtedly it augments the wine drinking experience. Some of the tips include:

  • The correct color of the wine glass. It can help estimate the consistency, clarity and color of the drink.
  • Although it seems like an excuse for snobbery, a higher quality of glasses enhances the taste of the wine.
  • The thickness of the glass needs to be appropriate. The closer you are to your wine, the more you can appreciate it.
  • The size plays a vital role. I always use larger glasses since there is enough room to swirl the drink around.

Relax on a sofa and comfortably enjoy your food with a lovely White Zinfandel. Cheers!


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