Wear shoes that support the anti-bullying campaign


womens purple dress shoes, purple pump shoes

Bullying is not something restricted to just high school. It can happen on cyber space, at work and almost anywhere. Purple is the official color of the anti-bullying campaign. And if you want to show your support for this campaign in a fashionable way, think purple! Even something as trendy as womens purple dress shoes shows your support for a good cause.

Celebrities like Tyra Banks have shown their support for the anti-bullying campaign by going purple. And what is simpler than wearing purple shoes to show that you care? Not much! Check out these cool purple shoe alternatives that support the anti-bullying campaign:

1. Purple pump shoes

Sophisticated, versatile and serving a noble cause; for me, that is what purple pump shoes are all about! You can wear them to work, out to dinner and charitable functions. These shoes bring cheer for a cause in a subtle way. So put yourself in their shoes with these peppy purple pumps.

2. Purple sneakers

If you are taking part in a direct rally or protest movement to support the anti-bullying campaign, then a pair of purple sneakers is a comfortable pick, especially if it requires a lot of walking around.

Some other choices

Apart from purple shoes, you can also sport purple accessories and clothes. Alternatives here include:

  • Purple bags
  • Purple sunglasses
  • Dresses, t-shirts or shirts in purple
  • Watches, hats, jewelry, etc.
  • Paint yourself in purple makeup for that dramatic look

Do remember, bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere! So show your support with these sensible picks and remember to not bully anyone!

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