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120 inch curtains, modern window curtains

Adding curtains and drapes to your windows can re-define your entire room and add give it a lot of character. The look of the room changes with the change of curtains and their styling. In fact, it is one of the most economical ways to re-decorate the whole room. Here are 3 window curtains to try that will give your room a modern look.

  1. Silk curtains: You can use 120 inch curtains in lustrous dupioni textured fabric to add a dimension of texture and luxury to your elegant window panel. The crisp curtain with its slight nubby texture will give a unique designer appearance. Alternatively, faux silk curtains can be used to give a definition of unique sheen and textured weave. The exclusive faux silk jacquard curtain looks gorgeous and timeless.
  2. New sheer voile curtains: With new sheer voile curtains you can rejuvenate your home décor. These long and flowing modern window curtains are eye-catching and the perfect way to give your windows a look that is far from ordinary. For a more elegant and romantic effect you can use the sheer scarf. This has a naturally cascading appearance to softly frame any window.
  3. Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain: Bring warmth and a sense of style to your home with an insulated pair of blackout window curtains. Its innovative fabric construction and sophisticated designs will leave your windows with a unique style. These curtains take care of your personal needs in the sense that they are extremely good at providing you a calm and serene atmosphere to relax. They are especially good for shift workers, late sleepers, students, infants and seniors. Your elegant windows are now functional as well!
 Window curtains compliment the interior of the room creating synchronization with room elements while tieing up the entire space.

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