19″ LCD combo TV


19' LCD combo TV , 19" led TV with HD receiver DVD

These days having a TV is a necessity for a student. Space is most certainly a constraint wherever you live if you’re a student. Having a large screen TV is not really a good way of utilizing the little space you have. Here a 19 inch LCD combo TV will help you save space.

An LCD combo TV is basically a TV which can be used as a TV to watch your favorite TV shows or you can use it to play your DVD’s or even use it as a display unit for your PC. Among LED backlit LCD combo TV’s available the Toshiba 19 SLV. This TV comes with a built in DVD player so you can save the space and money. We would have loved a Blu Ray player but then again that’s just asking too much in this price range. The refresh rate of 60 Hz should be good enough to decrease motion blur significantly and giving you good image quality.

This 19″ led TV with HD receiver DVD playing display unit has 2 HDMI inputs in case you plan to connect any other high definition media devices such as a Blu Ray player or a receiver. There is also a USB port where you can view photos or play music off this TV. This 19′ LCD combo TV also has the DynaLight backlight control feature that automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content. There is also a gaming mode feature which will enhance your gaming experience by reducing game controller delay. Lastly the 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for viewing movies as it will give the wide screen experience. That along with its capability of displaying high definition content make TV a must have for anyone who has a space constraint.

So get yourself a new 19 inch LCD combo TV and enjoy its benefits!

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