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Is your travel list complete? Sure? Office papers and folder – check.  Cosmetics – check. Favorite shoes – check.  Hair dryer – check and double check! Yes, the most important hair accessory to make traveling hassle-free, your own hair dryer. They’re absolutely necessary if you want to feel like you’re in control while traveling. Read on for some more reasons on why your favorite hair dryer should accompany you:

Travel restrictions

With airline weight restrictions on what you can and cannot carry, there’s every chance that you may not be able to take everything you need to make your hair behave like your curling iron or hair straightening combs. And woe betides hotels that don’t have the hair dryer or curling iron you’re used to! Bringing along your own hair dryer along with its unique attachments makes sense when it comes to individual styling preferences like removing frizz or with different heat settings.

Safety restrictions

220v hair dryerAnd safety restrictions definitely mean you can’t carry along your hair mousse, your hair gel and so on. While most upscale hotels do provide shampoos/conditioners, what your hair requires and what you’re used to may not be on offer. Hair dryer storage, especially a travel model in your luggage makes for smart thinking as you can do a good job with whatever styling your hair needs.

Travel models of hairdryers

The E.V.A. Hot Pink mini hair dryer and straightening travel set comes complete with a 100% ceramic straightener, mini diffuser, mini ionized airflow concentrator and a mini ionic hair dryer that takes care of all your hair care needs. And it’s lightweight and compact. The Farouk CHI mini, 220v hair dryer travel blower model is again a compact model, lightweight and a folding handle for easy portability. Other models like the Black & Decker Powerful dryers have a concentrator for quick, spot drying and a diffuser nozzle to add volume and lift.

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