Decorate your bathroom with a 78 inch shower curtain


78 inch shower curtain, shower curtain liners


Shower curtains go a long way in enhancing the experience of a rejuvenating shower. Among the several bathroom accessories, shower curtains have their own eminent role. The variety of shower curtains out there are huge. It’s best if you choose one based on the décor and size of your bathroom.

Different materials determine the character of shower curtains. You can have them in polyester, vinyl, nylon, linen or cotton. While vinyl and polyester have a functional character, they might not always have a luxurious décor like linen or cotton. Did you know that you could combine a waterproof vinyl with an outer fabric curtain to blend utility with attractiveness?

Shower curtains are available in funky and cool prints as well simple ones. I chose a 78 inch shower curtain with a cartoon print for my son’s room and a floral one for mine to make the bathroom vibrant and stylish.

I would personally look into the durability and compatibility with the existent bathroom décor along with cleanliness while shopping for the right curtains.

You would be surprised to know that sprucing up your bathroom with curtains can be done for very little money. In addition, don’t forget the marginal investment in shower curtain liners. They go a long way to keep the water in the shower while you’re in it.

You will spend less time cleaning the bathroom since the shower curtain liner will prevent mildew and mold.  Preventing falls and accidents due to a dry floor is an added benefit.

Get shower curtains to make your plain bathroom into an oasis of creativity and art!

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