Best of the Web no. 47


Welcome back from the holidays, and happy new year from Become! We’re celebrating the new year with a boat load of fantastic blogs as the Pocketchange Best of the Web series makes a triumphant return. Featuring a fresh harvest of fun and interesting websites and authors, we hope this collection inspires and excites you in your own creative endeavors. Enjoy!




Nana Company

pretty little things

nana company

“The nanaCompany blog is geared towards moms who like to make “pretty little things” for the house and children.  I love patchwork and the Japanese zakka style, but I like to try new styles as well.  At nanaCompany, I think you’ll find pretty projects, inspiration, and a few tutorials and giveaways thrown in.  ”

 Schue Love  

fashion, food, decor and more


“Since moving to Tahoe, I wanted to create an outlet that focused on the things I’m passionate about.  Schue Love chronicles fashion, food, decor and more…and by “more” I mean our wedding, house remodel, and now our first baby on the way!  You will find weekly recipes, fashion inspiration and ramblings on my favorite things…posted five days a week.  There’s a little something for everyone here so stop on by and stay a while!”

 Dear Helen Hartman

modern day problems and time tested solutions

dear helen hartman

“With a tip of her pillbox hat to luminaries like Erma Bombeck, Heloise and Dear Abby, Helen Hartman tackles modern problems with time-tested solutions taken from vintage magazines, advertising, collectibles, cultural icons and personal experiences. If laughter is the best medicine Helen Hartman seeks to cure your ills, but don’t expect a spoonful of sugar unless sugar is what Helen is skewering, um, serving.”

The Sweatshop of Love

celebrating knitting in all aspects

sweatshop of love

“The Sweatshop of Love is a knitting blog that makes knitting super fun and accessible. The Sweatshop of Love celebrates every aspect of knitting – from finding a pattern to finishing a project. I publish my own patterns, share everything on my needles, and help knitters of all skill levels get excited about knitting. Never snobby, I use creativity and ingenuity to create finished projects for less. ”

Hannah Nunn

life as an artist and lighting designer

hannah nunn

“My blog is about my life as an artist and lighting designer/maker. My work is inspired by the natural world so I often take my blog readers for a virtual walk in the woods or a flick through a book of botanical studies that’s exciting me! Readers get to peep into sketchbooks and see works in progress, accompany me to my latest exhibition or craft show or even come along on a trip to the hairdressers. It documents major projects (I just wrote my first book) or small everyday things. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I love it. It’s never a pressure, always a joy! ”

Dances with Fat

respect for people of all sizes

dances with fat

“A blog about self-esteem, body image, and Health at Every Size written from the perspective of a fat National Champion Dancer and trained researcher.  This blog seeks to unpack the messages we get about our bodies from society, examine the research around health and size, and promote healthy behaviors and respect for people of all sizes.”

What a great way to greet the new year! No doubt you’re inspired to start one some of those resolutions and house projects. We’ve got you covered with all sorts of fun pieces like this fleur de lis shower curtain, sure to brighten up any home! Explore all life’s got to offer at Become!


6 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 47”

  1. Dear Helen Hartman Says:

    Thank you for including me. I can’t wait to visit the others you have featured.

  2. Dana@Mid2Mod Says:

    I’ve loved Dear Helen Hartman for ages. Now I’ll have to become acquainted with the other blogs on your list.

  3. natasha {schue love} Says:

    Thanks so much for the fun feature!! :)

  4. Patje Says:

    Love “Dear Helen Hartman”. Great choice for your list! Can’t wait to check them all out :)

  5. Karen Lange Says:

    Came over from Dear Helen Hartman, glad I did. Thanks for the links and info!

  6. Lynn at Cottage and Creek Says:

    Nice selection of interesting blogs. I’m off to check them out. Always fun to be inspired no matter what your interests may be. Keep up the good work :)

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