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Brown is a versatile nail polish color which makes it really popular. Different hues of brown color can give your nails a sophisticated look. You can wear this nail color with beige, white, brown and many other outfits.

You can wear nail colors according to the seasons. Choose dark and bright colors for winters including dark brown or deep reds. On the other hand, you can use softer hues of brown in spring, summer and autumn.

Having healthy nails is as important as having beautiful nails. In fact, healthy nails naturally look great. Following are some products which can care for your nails along with making them spectacular:

  • Nail Colors

    Go for nail paints which are not harsh on your nails. Brown OPI nail polish gives you long lasting manicures. It comes with a chip-free nail polish formula. It dries quickly on the nails and makes them shiny. Nail polish metallic is also a good choice if you want to pick a nail paint from the vast OPI collection.

  • Nail File

    You can use a nail file to shape your nails. Give them a square or oval shape and apply different nail colors for a great look.

  • Nail Strengthener

    You can buy a 2 in 1 nail strengthener. It strengthens your nails and works as a base coat. Apply it before and after applying any nail color. It helps manicure or pedicure last longer.

It is important to choose nail paints or products which take good care of your nails. Go for different hues of brown this season. This may help you get some lovely compliments along with happy nails!

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