Keep your cat happy and healthy with cat toys


cat toysSince cats are usually indoor pets, its important to keep your cat stimulated and healthy. To make sure that your cat gets enough exercise inside the house there are a number of cat toys to keep them busy and active. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to keep your cat active, healthy, happy and entertained.

One of the best things to get your indoor cat is a cat “tree.” It’s basically a piece of furniture that’s designed for cats to climb. Climbing is a great way for cats to keep active every day. Cats have a natural instinct to climb. Place the cat tree near a window that your cat likes to frequent. He or she will love climbing up the tree to get a better view out of the window or to sun bathe. Many cat trees include a scratching post so it’s perfect for those who have cats that haven’t had their claws removed.

Nicer and more expensive cat trees will have a “motel” type of feel where your cat or cats can snuggle up in a small space. Cats love small confined spaces. Give them a box to play with and they’ll most likely try to fit their whole body in it. Some cat trees are even covered in catnip at the factory to make it even more irresistible.

Other cat toys are just as effective for keeping your cat healthy if you play with him or her on a daily basis. For example, the ethical cat multi 2730 mouse chase electronic toy is a great way to get your cat to chase something around the home. While a normal plush mouse on a string will keep your cat entertained, it can be tiring. This cat toy features a circling mouse within the enclosure and a laser light to attract your cat’s attention. It takes 2 C sized batteries and makes the fun last for hours!

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