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Debating on the choice of dinnerware to buy and don’t want to spend a fortune?  With so many great choices available on the market, picking dinnerware sets can be a bit overwhelming. The abundance of colors and styles makes it hard to decide on just one.

Nevertheless, by continuing to keep some issues in mind when shopping, you might be able to make the best decision that you are going to really like for many years to come.

Look for matching dinnerware sets using the color and style of the place you plan to use it in. For example, if the home is decorated in a Tuscan style, then bright, various colored plates, bowls and glasses will blend perfectly. Most commonly seen choices in dinnerware are porcelain, stoneware and bone china. As a smart and critical consumer do the research and find out more before making a purchase. We will fill you in with some inputs from our research of home stoneware dinnerware and white porcelain dinnerware.

There is a distinct difference between them. Both these dinnerware styles are made of clay, but they differ in how long they are fired in a kiln and what kind of clay is used. Porcelain ware is made of kaolin clay. Kaolin is a white clay that maintains its white color when fired. It is finer in quality than stoneware as it is vitrified during the second firing of a two fire process. Stoneware’s surface is smooth and glass-like, giving it an extra durable surface. Both dinnerware are microwavable, dishwasher safe and sturdy to use.

It is best to consider your usage and budget before purchasing dinnerware. Porcelain or stoneware pieces are a wise choice for home or work use for durability and versatility. We hope these pointers will help you make an educated choice for your dinnerware.

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