How to create a sophisticated bedroom using primary colors


crimson red comforter, blue queen bedding

When you talk about primary colors, the colors that come to mind are a vibrant red, yellow, blue or green. They would be lovely in a child’s bedroom as they are playful, bright and fun. While this is true, primary colors, when used in a sophisticated manner and in the right doses, can make for very elegant, mature décor. Here’s how:

Recent decor trends are distinctly inspired by primary colors. What you need to do is use them against neutral colors or a backdrop. This makes for a stunning and beautiful effect.

1. Crimson red comforter

In a bedroom that has pale grey, beige or white walls, a red comforter set can give a vivid splash of color to an otherwise quiet room. Use something like the Central Park fountain red comforter set to make a bold statement with primary colors. The red ironwork pattern and dark brown scroll design instantly captures your attention and makes for a very decorative look against a light backdrop.

2. Blue queen bedding

crimson red comforter   A white bedroom always makes for a serene and elegant look. Blue queen sized bedding can bring vibrant energy to the room to transform the décor entirely. By bringing the color blue into the bedroom, you’re making a powerful color statement with very little effort. Don’t confine yourself to bedding alone for colors. You can try bringing in a blue armoire or place a bright blue chair near the bed. But not all of them together! It has to be either blue bedding or the furniture to bring in an adult aura to the room.

3. Yellow lampshade and accessories

Don’t be afraid to dip into the color palette. Bright yellow accessories like a yellow lampshade or bright yellow throw cushions against a neutral background bring a bedroom alive. You can also try brightly colored wall art or a brightly patterned yellow floral bedspread against light walls. Just see how refreshing it looks. Think primary colors and go wild with mix ‘n’ match options to brighten up your bedroom.


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