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Decorative wall plate holders, wall plate holders

Many people have some plate sets that are either only meant to be kept as collectibles or used for special occasions. These beautiful plates shouldn’t be hidden in the back of a cabinet somewhere. They should be put out on display so that you, your family and guests can view and enjoy them.

I have some Disney princess plates that I didn’t want to use so I got some decorative wall plate holders to install in my kitchen. I had three plates so I got one that had three slots. It’s a great idea to display your keepsake plates because then they are being put to decorative use and you can enjoy them more.

What you need to display your own beautiful plates are some decorative wall plate holders. You can choose between vertical or horizontal holders depending on where in your home you want to display your keepsake plates. Another thing to keep in mind is how many plates you are going to display because it won’t look great to have empty plate holders hanging in your kitchen or dining room. So plan ahead, for example, if you only need to display two plates, invest in a plate holder with only two slots!

I recommended this idea to a friend of mine. She had some beautiful plates with a gold pattern. She wasn’t going to use them anytime soon because they were expensive and can only be hand washed. So I talked her into investing in some decorative wall plate holders to display them and she loves them! Now she can appreciate her expensive plates even though she isn’t going to eat off of them.

If you have only one special plate that you want to display then you should go with simple wall plate holders. With these, you simply display one special plate. Or if you wanted to spread out where you display your keepsake plates, you could invest in a few of these and use a few in your dining room and a few in your kitchen.


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