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floor standing speakersWe all want the best sound possible when it comes to listening to music or watching movies. While small bookshelf speakers work well for most cases, if you have the room, you should really be investing in floor speakers. Let’s take the advantages of floor speakers.

Most home theater setups are comprised of five small speakers and a big subwoofer to generate the entire dynamic range of music and movies. While this works well enough for most people, audiophiles and more discerning listeners might notice that the highs are not as well extended or clear when compared to some quality floor standing speakers. Big subwoofers make big bass but it is often flabby and loose.

One of the main advantages of floor standing speakers is that you won’t need to get a subwoofer. Some floor standing speakers will have more than one woofer for bass reproduction. In fact, many floor standing speakers will feature multiple woofers or tweeters for highs, mids, and lows. This will aid in full sound reproduction, giving you sweet mids, extended highs, and thumping lows.

While floor speakers are usually reserved for audiophiles who only listen in stereo, you can pair floor speakers with some small bookshelf speakers as satellites for your home theater setup. Make sure your receiver has enough inputs and is powerful enough to drive all of your speakers. Speakers with 4Ω impedance will take a good quality amplifier to power them. Having an inadequately powerful amp may damage your amp. Also make sure to get good speaker wires. 22 gauge wire will not do if you’re sending lots of current to the speakers. Look for 16 to 12  gauge wire for better performance. Also make sure that you get the right termination or you can just make your own interconnects with loose wires to RCA plugs.

Great floor standing speakers can be had for a reasonable amount from great companies like DCM, Infinith, and Polk. The sky is the limit if you want the best sound quality, you can look into high end floor standing speakers from Anthony Gallo, B&W, and other boutique speaker companies.

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