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nike golf pants, apt 9 mens solid poloGolf season is right around the corner. Before you start dusting off those clubs you have got to remember that in order to play your best you’ve got to look your best.

Making sure your clothes fit you just right and your wardrobe is in style. Consider trying to match your color schemes like some of the professionals do. Most amateur golfers have begun adopting styles from their favorite golfers like: Rory Mcllroy, Tiger Woods, or Rickie Fowler. All of whom wear very in style and form fitting apparel. Some things so consider when looking at your golf wardrobe are:

Pants and belt

Pants are vital to your golf look. Make sure your pants fit correctly and that you have good mobility in them. Nike golf pants are very popular for their Dri-FIT technology which allows your pants to be breathable on even the hottest of days. There are many different designs and styles when it comes to pants. Some pairs of Nike golf pants to consider are:

  • Nike Dri-FIT Tech Flat Front Pants
  • Nike Mens Dri-FIT Stretch Modern Pants
  • Nike Mens TW Pinstripe Dress Pants

Don’t be afraid to have different colors and designs so you can keep your style looking new and fresh. Golf is probably the only time you can get away wearing plaid pants and still look stylish so take advantage of it. Your belt should be leather. The design and buckle are really up to your taste.

Hat and Shoes

When it comes to style and color it is really all up to personal preference. I recommend making sure that you feel well balanced in your shoes and that they are comfortable. Shoe color schemes  should be kept simple so you can match your ensemble, but if you want to wear shoes with extra flair go for it.

Your hat color should try to match some other color on your outfit. Make sure your hat fits well and won’t fall off or wobble through the process of your swing.


This is the best part because you can mix and match many aspects of your outfits by simply changing a shirt. Make sure the shirt fits your form well, the material is comfortable on your skin, and that you have good mobility in your arms and shoulders. You can get stylish with unique colors and designs or keep it simple with solid colors, like an Apt 9 mens solid polo.

Golf can be very fun, but mentally tough. The best way to get in a good mental state is to look good and feel comfortable in your clothes.  So update your wardrobe with new pants and new polo shirts.

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