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If you take a minute to think about how technology has affected sports you will realize that it has helped a lot athletes and sportsmen improve their game. You have software and computers to help you in almost sports these days. The same goes with golf as well. Garmin have designed a GPS system which helps you keep track and improve your game.

These GPS systems come preloaded with almost every golf track out there. These golf GPS systems basically have a highly sensitive GPS receiver to measure individual shot distances and show the exact yardage to fairways, hazards and greens. You can also track your game by recording your stats with these GPS systems. You can later review these stats on a computer. These Garmin golf GPS systems are quite good if you want to seriously improve your game or collect facts about your style of play. Among the Garmin golf GPS systems available the Approach G5 device for North America is a pretty decent one to get.

The Approach G5 golf GPS system is a very reliable device if you are serious about improving your game. This GPS is very well designed and is waterproof as well. This GPS device is packed with about 17500 US and Canadian course maps. This number is still growing and it should cover almost every golf course in America in the next few years. This GPS device will give you stunning detail of all the courses it has preloaded. The GPS receiver is extremely sensitive and you will be able to accurately point your location on the course. The bright touch screen of this device is pretty good even in sunlight conditions. Thanks to the touch screen it is very easy for accurately measure the distance to your next shot.

The Garmin Approach also keeps track of your score digitally and you can save and review the scores on your computer at home. Apart from saving your scores you can also track important stats like putts per round, greens hit in regulation, fairways hit and the average distance you hit every club thanks to the Stat Tracking software package provided. This device is also quite portable and you could just place it on your ez-go golf cart and use it when needed. This device is perfect for golfers who are looking to take their game up a notch.


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