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cobra ufi golf irons, golf grip kits

As everyone knows, the most important thing in the great and historic game of golf is the equipment. Golf historians often acknowledge that a modern mediocre player could compete with the very best at the dawn of golf, and an enormous and deciding factor would be the quality of the clubs used by both. If you’re like most golf players, you see yourself getting routinely smacked down by the better players on the course – but let’s get real for a moment here. It’s not because they’ve spent several thousand hours honing their driving and putting skills – it’s because they’ve spent thousands of dollars on getting the best putters and drivers. Read on for some tips on how you can secure the top equipment, and go on to win your first PGA pro tour.

The Irons

cobra ufi golf irons, golf grip kitsYes as mentioned before, your irons play an absolutely critical role in allowing you to play to the best of your ability. Don’t hamper yourself with sub-par equipment; in golf, as in life, it’s all about having the right tools for the job. To that end, pick up a set of Cobra UFI golf irons. Rumour has it these bad boys are made with bits of real cobra, so you know they work.

The Grips

The grips are a surprisingly often overlooked part of the golf arsenal. A good pair of grips will seek to minimize the effects of moisture and sweat on your golf game, reducing slippage and improving your grip on the club. Avoid nightmare scenarios like launching your golf club into a horde of babies (an all to common occurrence) with a set of golf grip kits. Furthermore, a quality pair of grips is known to improve the short game by maximizing the contact between your palm and the club, basically turning the instrument into a natural extension of your body.

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