Enhance and even out your skin complexion with Glycolic Acid pads


Glycolic Acid PadsUnfortunately as we age, our skin cells turn over at a much slower rate which causes signs of aging. As a preventative measure, many people have been incorporating Glycolic Acid to their daily skin care regimen. Glycolic Acid care works to loosen “the glue” that holds the skin cells together. Therefore, once these bonds are broken, the top layer of skin is shed at a faster rate than it normally would. The overall effect of this treatment is to improve the appearance of the skin and has also been known to improve acne, clear out pores and blackheads.

A great way to incorporate Glycolic Acid into your skin care regimen everyday is by using Glycolic Acid pads. These pads are a convenient way to help tone and exfoliate the skin. Enriched with vitamins A, C, E, and green tea, Glycolic Acid pads helps to moisturize the skin while infusing the essential antioxidants that help rejuvenate, tone, and exfoliate all in one. Generally, Glycolic Acid pads are used two to three times daily. But if you’re weary about over drying your skin, start out with one application daily and then gradually increase to two or three times daily.

While Glycolic Acid is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your skin, using a Body Essentials Deep Cleansing Facial brush and Massager can also help gently remove embedded dirt and oil in your skin with it deep enhancing bristles. Depending on which facial brush or massager you choose, you will see that facial brushing helps to remove dead skin as well as smooth and stimulate circulation. By stimulating circulation in your face, you will even out your skin tone and help firm the skin.

Given the many benefits of these two skin enhancing products, I’d say it’s time to spoil yourself during your daily cleansing routine with a mini facial massage with a facial cleansing brush!

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