Make it hot with heated conveniences for the home


heated towel rack, heated mattress pad queen

What seems like the height of luxury is actually possible. Heated conveniences for your home during extremely cold weather are wonderful to have.  Take a look at some of these comforts to make your home warm and cozy:

Heated towel rack

On those blisteringly cold days, there’s nothing more comforting than having a heated towel rack with warm towels waiting to be cuddled into after your bath. The Quality bath Stirling heated towel rack is stylish and very cost-effective. They make sure you always have warm, dry towels that smell and feel fresh. Heated towel racks from Warm Rails are wonderful and use a 75 watt Filotherm element to heat the towels. They’re safe, energy-saving, efficient and heat up towels quickly. They even have an illuminated power switch and can be wall mounted or set up as a freestanding rack.

Heated mattress pad

heated towel rackA heated mattress pad, Queen sized, like the Sunbeam Royal Warmth heated mattress pad, can literally heat up your life. The heating pad delivers continuous warmth and has ten different settings. It has a lighted dial and separate heat settings on either side of the bed. You can save on high energy bills with a mattress heating pad. They’re easy to maintain as they can be tossed into the washing machine. Some of them come with auto-shutoff and let you control the thermostat to the exact degree of warmth you want.

Floor heating

Floor heating cables do away with cold drafts and gives you continuous heat. You can control the temperature and distribute heat evenly throughout a room. You get warm from the feet up. Floor heating is comfortable and also energy-efficient. It’s excellent for homes where there are children, older people and pets. Danfoss floor heating is a rapidly reacting floor heat system that uses a thin mat of cables fitted beneath the floor to give you a cozy indoor climate and it’s easy to install.

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