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Going out to a crowded theater to watch a movie after a tough day’s work might not be the best way to relax. Having that theater like experience at the comfort of your home is what everyone wants. Getting a good home theater system and tweaking it to perfection would make watching movies at your home a pleasure.

Building a home theater system might not be as tough as it sounds but if you aren’t experienced it would be a lot better if you hired a professional contractor to do the job. These professional contractors would take into account everything right from the size of the room to the materials used in the construction of your room. He will then give you good advice as to where to place your components for optimum performance. This way you can be rest assured that you will get the best out of your home theater system. Home theater systems basically have 3 major components. They are your HDTV, your DVR and your sound system. Getting the best 3 products is difficult as the manufacturer which has the best speaker system might not have the best DVR’s or the best HDTV.

Among the 3 components of your home theater system the HDTV should be the easiest to get. The size of your TV should be taken based on the size of your room. You should also make sure that the doors leading to the room you intend to use has big enough doors for your TV to go through. A 75 inch Panasonic plasma TV would be just about perfect for your viewing pleasure. If you want a larger screen size then you should consider getting a HD projector. Next up would be your DVR. Samsung DVR’s are the best ones around. If you have a large budget then the Samsung GV-DVR1042 is the one you should get. This Samsung DVR is one of the very few ones which can be controlled using a USB mouse. This DVR has a 250 GB HDD for recording and storing your favorite movies.

Lastly but probably the most important component would be your speaker system. Your sound system will be majorly responsible for providing you with that theater like sound. If you are looking at some top end sound systems then you should go in for the Dynaudio Excite speaker system. This speaker system consists of a couple of Excite X32 floor-standers, 2 X12 book shelf speakers, an X22 center, and 12-inch powered Sub 500 subwoofer. If these speakers don’t give you that theater like effect nothing will.

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