Put that laundry sink to good use


laundry sink cabinet, laundry hamper linerLaundry can be such a pain to do. The worst part about the laundry room is that they are typically the poorest designed rooms in the house. Having a large laundry room can be a luxury because you can have plenty of space for all your laundry care needs. If your laundry doesn’t have it already you should look into getting a laundry sink cabinet.

A laundry sink cabinet can help add an extra touch to your laundry. It will help prevent you from having to scramble back and forth for your basic laundry needs. A laundry sink cabinet can also add extra cabinet space for things like: laundry soap, fabric softener, bleach, household cleaning aids, or spare towels.

My friend’s house has a sink in his laundry room and his family uses it all the time. They use it to scrub out grass or ink stains on clothes before they go into the washing machine. They even use it as a place to wash their pets (they have smaller dogs).


A laundry sink cabinet can be a great place to:

  • Wash rugs
  • Clean hand-wash only clothes
  • Store laundry care products
  • Pre-clean ink/grass stains

Your laundry room should feel comfortable and equipped to handle your needs. Something as simple as a sink in the laundry room could help in many ways.

Smelly Clothes

If you have to plug your nose when taking out your dirty clothes try a laundry hamper liner. It will allow you to easily pull out all your clothes and throw them in the washing machine without having to lug around that huge hamper. I find it extremely handy while traveling. I can just throw all the dirty clothes in the hamper liner and not worry about odors or possibly getting my clean clothes dirty.

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