The best flirty lingerie to wear for that special someone


long sheer gowns, pink lace panties

There are times when even the best of evening gowns and cocktail dresses don’t seem flirty enough. What works in such situations is some flirty lingerie to impress that special someone. You really don’t have to go over-the-top with them to create that sensual appeal.

The first option here is long sheer gowns, which are figure flattering, without being too clingy. It suits most body types and are available in hot colors like pink, red and of course black. You can surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner and flirty attire, by replacing the LBD with a sheer gown.

Longer lengths add to that flirty-ness and peppiness of the outfit. You can go for something that is see-through or transparent around the shoulders and below the thighs. Lace in particular works great with this combination. Of course, if you want to go for something bolder, do keep a robe handy in case the door bell rings.

I prefer choosing these long sheer gowns in comfortable cuts so that you can go to sleep in them too. After that romantic dinner and glass of wine, you really aren’t in the mood to change again, are you?

Flirty accompaniments and accessories

A few accessories can always be added to sheer gowns to make them flirtier-

  • Black, red or pink lace panties, which are of similar color to the gown, can be worn with them. Not only does this make your outfit sizzling, it also creates a sense of a slight-peek enigma. Of course, the lingerie is not restricted to only the sheer gown and can be worn later.
  • Large hoops or earrings are another pair of accessories that can be added to the surprise. But keep them to the minimal and use ones that are easy to take off like clip-on.
  • A simple hair band or bow can be added on the hair or even around your neck

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