Medicine ball workouts


rubber medicine ball, everest medicine ballFinding a workout routine you can enjoy is difficult. Try adding a rubber medicine ball into your routine. There are many different workouts you can do with a medicine ball that will stimulate your muscles.

Rubber medicine balls are the great because they are durable, well balanced, maintain their shape easily, and are weather resistant. They are great for personal use because they will bounce and can be used in group training workouts as well. Some brands to consider when purchasing a medicine ball are:

  • Champion Rubber Medicine Ball
  • Everest Medicine Ball
  • CorBall Plus Medicine Ball
  • VTX Rubber Medicine Ball
  • Valor Fitness Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are a fantastic way to strengthen your core. There are many different uses for a medicine ball. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a medicine ball in one of your typical work out routines like: push-ups or sit-ups.

Medicine ball uses

You can use your medicine ball in pretty much any workout settings, don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Some typical workouts that can get you started using medicine balls are:

Kneel to push-ups

This requires a partner or a wall, but is a very effective workout for your arm and chest muscles. Start in a seated position with the ball at chest level. Press the ball forward while keeping your back straight and allow yourself to fall into a kneeling push-up position. Push yourself up and catch the ball either from a friend or from off the wall. Repeat.


While standing with the medicine ball in hand, lift the ball over your head (stretching your arms and abdominals) and throw it towards the ground. Be careful to avoid letting the ball bounce back into your face! I recommend trying a few practice throws to gauge how hard to throw the ball without it being a dangerous activity.

Figure Eights

This is very straight forward exercise. While standing, hold the ball out in front of you and make a horizontal figure eight. You should bring the ball down towards your left foot, then up near your left shoulder, down and across towards your right foot, then up towards your right shoulder, and then back down towards your left foot. Repeat.

There are many other medicine ball workouts that will target specific muscles you want. Get creative and have fun!

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