What gear to wear when you jog in winter


mens polyester fitted ankle running pants,men's heavyweight cotton sweaters

Jogging is one of  many effective ways to stay fit and active. Though, jogging in winter can be a little challenging compared to the other seasons as the weather outside gets cold and chilly. You must wear various accessories that will protect you from the cold while jogging in winter. This includes a pair of good shoes, socks and gloves to stay warm and dry. Here is a look at some clothing items and accessories that you can use during cold days to stay warm, comfortable and stylish.

The most important thing to remember is that, you must layer your jogging attire during the chilly days. Wearing thermals underneath you regular jogging shirt is a good idea. If this isn’t enough then wear men’s heavyweight cotton sweaters to feel more comfortable. These sweaters make a great top clothing layer. You can choose a turtleneck sweater that is made of 100% cotton. They come in various styles and colors. Some of the popular colors include navy blue, royal red, gold, black, and brown.

It is also important to keep your legs warm while jogging during winter. You can wear mens polyester fitted ankle running pants to stay warm while running. These pants not only have a great fit but also are truly functional. A number of these pants have ankle zippers that provides a versatile and secure fit. I am inclined towards the ASICS Storm Shelter Pants for men that is waterproof as well as windproof.

Finally, wear a pair of warm gloves, socks and running shoes to keep your hands and feet comfortable. You can wear a cap to cover your head if it is really cold out there. Now pick up your iPod, play your favorite track and get set to have a great time jogging in winter.

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