Why you need a pair of Miracle socks


Miracle socks, chimney slipper sock

If you constantly suffer from aching legs and feet then miracle socks truly work wonders. These Miracle socks are more appealing and better than other socks as it enhances circulation. As a result, you don’t have to soak your feet in warm water every night or get a foot massage to relieve those aching toes.

The socks have been specifically designed to soothe tired, aching legs and feet. It also helps in relieving symptoms of problems like Varicose Veins. The compression technology of the socks is applied gradually on the feet. It puts slight pressure to boost circulation and help out reduce aches and swelling.

These socks are especially great for relieving swollen ankles and feet in pregnant women or those suffering from water retention issues and excess fluid retention. Also, being very thin and discreet, they easily double as trouser socks and fit almost all kinds of shoes. You can also wear these breathable socks for those long flights or while traveling.

Woven slipper socks

Another great alternative here are Chimney slipper socks, which are made of 100% acrylic. These Woolrich, cozy slipper socks combine the crispness of knitted socks with the convenience of indoor and outdoor soles. You can wear them as lounging slippers in the house or rush to the super market or to run errands.

These socks are also designed to support the feet and keep the feet warm and snug on colder days. You can pick them from standard ankle lengths or go for a higher knee-length also. However, such socks are much thicker than regular socks and thus can be restrictive.

It is best to buy them with soles so you don’t have to bother with putting on shoes. The comfy and snug slipper socks are a sensible and chic pick for the winters.

Written by Ruby Lancer

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