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It was only a short while ago when portable DVD players were all the crazy, allowing us to watch all of our favorite movies and TV shows when and wherever we pleased.  But what is the latest and greatest in the DVD revolution?  Check out these three innovations that will make you rethink your view on DVD players:

Wireless DVD Player

Tired of all the endless tangling of cables and wires behind your TV?  One way to clean up your messy entertainment area is to pick up a wireless DVD player. With a longer than expected battery life and the option to plug it in anyways, this latest DVD player innovation is sure to spawn a future wave of wireless options for your entertainment center.

Wifi Enabled DVD Player

More than just a standalone DVD player, Wifi enabled devices allow you to connect to your favorite streaming TV and social media websites like YouTube and Hulu. Having a ton of built-in memory, you just also add and share your favorite pictures with family and friends, making it easy to put those classic photos on your big screen display. These players are similar to the popular PlayStation 3 game console, but if video games are not your cup of tea and you want to save an extra few bucks, take a look at the latest generation of Wifi-enabled DVD and Blu Ray players.

Headrest DVD Player

The headrest DVD player and TV screen has long been seen as a luxury of the uber-rich. However, it is now more affordable than ever to add these flashy items to your cars. With the prices of car DVD players down to an all-time low, it is time to realize that dream you had ever since you saw your favorite celebrity rock them in Escalade on MTV Cribs and add that extra dazzle to your car.

As the disc-based media player industry continues its rapid expansion, now is the time to hop on that train before the technology-machine passes you by.

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